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If you become injured or disabled on another person’s or company’s property, you may have a cause of action against that party. In Illinois, landowners have a duty to protect invited guests from hazardous conditions that may be present on their property. Moreover, if there is a dangerous or defective condition on their property, property owners have a duty to correct the situation.

Here is a sampling of premises liability cases that the lawyers at Strellis & Field have been successful with or are currently working on:

  • Elderly woman who fell due to an unnatural accumulation of snow
  • Young child who sustained lead poisoning due to the landlord’s failure to remove lead based paint
  • Woman who fell at a local casino due to ice on the floor
  • Man who got a large nail embedded in his foot when property owner failed to dispose of construction debris
  • Man killed in an apartment fire without smoke detectors
  • Child whose foot got caught in an escalator

For more that 25 years our lawyers have been fighting for people who have been hurt at another party’s business or home. If you believe that your injury may be related to the negligence of a property or business owner, give the lawyers at Strellis & Field a call today.

For more information on our premises liability practice, we invite you to contact us, or call us at (312) 201-0000.

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