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The blind spot is a killer and truck companies know it. When trucks approach merging traffic, the failure to alert and signal side traffic of a “lane change” or to “slow down” is a killer. Other truck driver failures run their course on the roads of America from driving unsafely to violating standard safety regulations.

Incentive to grow company profits can also result in unsafe driving and dangerous freight transfer practices. Truckers are encouraged to push themselves to the point of exhaustion at the expense of the safety of other motorists. Truck maintenance is put off to extract savings in every area.

Although each case presents unique circumstances, the defenses are common and must be competently and vigorously met head-on, applying the skill-set acquired through tested litigation and success. Tragedy results when a semi “18 wheelers” strikes a “smaller vehicle.”  We fight to have justice done, and in so doing, have our clients fully compensated.

Strellis and Field lawyers have handled trucking accidents involving improper lane usage, failure to yield right a way, turning into a blind spot, falling asleep or being overly tired, stopping on part of shoulder without flares or proper warning, trucker’s rage, and the failure keep a proper lookout.  The record is replete with recoveries exceeding millions of dollars.

As Jack Strellis has stated in argument. “whenever the inertia of a vehicle, being the product of mass and speed, greatly exceeds that of another vehicle, then a special duty exists to exercise prudence because of the dangerous condition that is presented when in close proximity.”

Because of the complexities involved in trucking, several parties may be responsible for the operation, loading and maintenance of trucks.  All potentially responsible parties are thoroughly investigated to determine who may be responsible for our clients’ injuries.

State and Federal laws are on the books to protect the public from unsafe trucking practices. Strellis & Field carefully evaluates each case to determine if there have been violations of Illinois or Federal Statutes.

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